Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Back again!

After a struggle I seem to be back on track. Apparently I have an old Blog address which I set up, and seldom used, some time ago. This seems to be confusing issues.
Took a trip into the city yesterday. Partly because I needed a part to get my old vacuum cleaner working again, and partly to see how the dodgy ankle was working out. Didn't walk too far and things were a bit uncomfortable, but not drastic. I suppose at my age I should expect things to go wrong from time to time. Thankfully nothing is dropping off! I really hate being ill, it makes you feel so vulnerable. I need to give this thing time. I want to go rambling again and use walking to get my weight down.

On the way home I dropped in for a swim which was great. This needs to be something I do daily. I find it hard to do the exercises. They are so boring and don't seem to be doing anything. Anyway enough of my health rantings...

Back in the studio tomorrow. Nothing listed as a guest, but hopefully Dan' has got something lined up. I've a couple of people I can phone and I've accumulated some news stuff. I really wish I could get this show better organised. Limited feedback doesn't help ones ego, but a lot tune in for the music so I guess they are not dissappointed.

Brain shut down most of the time so I'm not feeling sorry for myself. There must be more to life than this. Main excitement so far today was the arrival of a concert ticket for Richard Thompson (in January) and the new Smartcard for my virgin media box. How thrilling is that.

Hopefully someone wil;l start to follow these blogs and give me a few hints about turning my life, or what's left of it, into something more positive.

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